Here at MyPromo, we have a wide variety of umbrellas you can choose from. You’ll never know if today will rain or shine since our weather’s too unpredictable. So it’s always safe to carry something that would protect you from the heat of the sun or the sudden rain. If you’re planning on levelling up your marketing strategies, this is the perfect item to hand out to your audience as a useful keepsake during the summer and the rainy season. All our umbrellas are made with high-quality materials and are highly durable.

Customised Umbrellas for your restaurants, office terrace, hotels, nearby swimming pools, or your home gardens, we have best designers to print out the design with your business logo in it. Besides, technological items, stationary items, miscellaneous things, etc. products are available in our store which are customizable as per your business name or logo to be printed on them.

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Compact Umbrella

Quick and slick, the nifty auto-open/close feature of the Compact Umbrella will be welcomed by busy workers and people on the go.

Curve Umbrella

A business meeting across town and it?s raining? Just pull out the Curve Umbrella to stay dry and arrive on time.

Supreme Umbrella

The superiority of the Supreme is unquestionable ? quality with a classy chequered pattern.

Umbra – Boss

A premium umbrella with quality, innovation and styling, the Boss has high quality embossed pattern pongee fabric, strong auto-opening and electroplated steel frame.

Umbra – Boutique Compact

The practical Boutique umbrella will impress with its convenient size. Compact and robust, and with its nifty auto open/close feature makes it a handy companion for people on the go.


Umbra – Corporate Hook

A premium umbrella with innovation and styling, the Corporate Hook Umbrella has high quality UPF30+ fabric, Auto-opening, rubberized hook handle, fibreglass shaft, fibreglass ribs and the wind safe frame.

Umbra – Gusto

No matter the elements you expect to face: rain, wind or sun; the Gusto umbrella is designed with high quality fabric and a strong auto-opening, wind-resistant frame to make your …

Umbra – New Event

The New Event umbrella has high quality pongee fabric and a black electroplated steel shaft with wind-resistant frame that provides styling and functionality with great value.


Umbra – Sovereign

A premier umbrella with quality, innovation and styling, the Sovereign has high quality pongee fabric and a strong auto-opening, wind-resistant frame and vented canopy.

Virginia Silver Top

Stand out in a crowd with the sleek style of the Virginia Silver Top.

Virginia Umbrella

Get ready for summer storms with the Virginia. With its strong frame, high quality fabric and a wide choice of colours, keeping dry will be a breeze.